ProVoCanto is a chamber choir of young professionals in the Netherlands. These singers focus on adventurous music productions. By choosing interesting locations a choir performance can become an experience and by staging a fascinating repertoire you address a wide audience. The concerts are far more than just vocal music, because we interact with several art disciplines: instrumentalists, actors, designers, lighting artists and dancers. Inherent to ProVoCanto’s programms is a great coherency of program components. Together they form one great work of art.

ProVoCanto is committed to four productions of several concerts each year. These performances are staged in the Netherlands and abroad. All singers in ProVoCanto are skilled musicians. Most have allready gained experience in national and international vocal ensembles.

Hans Tijssen has in the past decade staged several regional productions where highly skilled amateurs performed. The substantial public interest in these productions showed that there is a breeding ground for special choral programs of the highest quality. With the recent establishment of the professional choir ProVoCanto Tijssen emerges as a cultural entrepreneur who takes his place in the professional music scene.

Adventurous music productions at a professional level. Beauty and wonder.. Challenging but accessible repertoire.